presentation for Proclamation Emancipation

presentation for Proclamation Emancipation

Informative Presentation on a topic of YOUR choice related to the course or class materials. I chose Proclamation Emancipation

In your informative presentation, you use speaking skills which communicate factual information; you are not persuading or making any claims. You may inform the audience on a person, place, thing, event, etc., that is related in some form to the course topics and materials. The general purpose of this presentation is to inform the audience. Students must use all proper conventions of public speaking, including formal and speaking outlines, proper verbal and nonverbal techniques, and all elements of introductions, main points and conclusions. The presentation is 4-5 minutes in length. Students must submit the formal outline, presentation slides (if applicable), and a video recording of the presentation to Canvas for grading and assessment with the Dialogues Oral Communication Grading Rubric.


  • 3-4 minutes (no more, no less – you lost points under 3 and over 4 minutes)
  • Formal outline: typed, full sentences, correct format, complete bibliography – submitted in advance of the presentation
  • Speaking outline: Determine which materials will provide you the most effective support; most students choose between note cards and a single outline page for a speaking outline with key words and phrases.

Half of the assignment grade is the presentation, half is the preparation and written materials. The two submissions together are how you complete the assignment it is graded in that manner.

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 slavery  Civil description 1 pages, Double Spacing

Answer Preview…………….

Purpose: To inform the audience on the meaning of the Proclamation Emancipation, events that influenced its introduction and effects on slavery.

  1. Introduction
  1. What is the Emancipation Proclamation?
  2. A declaration to free slaves in the rebellious states against the Union.
  3. Although it did not end slavery immediately.

Also, some critics considered the Emancipation as illegal since…………………..

APA 257 words


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