Presentation to Prospective Employees

Presentation to Prospective Employees

Envision that you work for a major, nationwide accounting firm. Your firm has many openings, and wants to recruit the most qualified accounting students. You’ve been asked to help recruit talent at several local universities. You begin the recruiting process with many of these accounting students via Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you have identified high-potential recruits, you organize several social events to get to know them better. You also hold several informative sessions about what it’s like to work at your firm and about what career paths are available. Since so many other firms are competing for the top recruits, the presentation about opportunities at your firm is critical. You want to make sure that your presentation is organized for maximum impact.

Use the six identified parts of a presentation to record a 2- to 3-minute video of yourself delivering a recruiting presentation. Remember that your target audience consists of potential employees right out of college, so you should tailor your presentation to appeal to topics that will be of interest to these recruits.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Introduce your organization (history, specific business focus, background, etc.).
  • Present the various career opportunities available within your organization.
  • Provide examples of various ways to advance and get promoted within the organization.
  • Specify benefits provided by the organization that can attract recruits fresh out of college (continued education, professional development, employee training, tuition assistance, etc.).
  • Demonstrate how the organization has been adopting technology and training employees.

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Our organization is an international accounting and a financial advisory company that provides services to international organizations in the technology and manufacturing sectors. As a private firm that was established three decades ago, the core of business is auditing, accounting, and taxation thereby making us the preferred company for businesses that are interested in international expansion and growth. We currently work in North America, Europe, and China, which makes us the employer of highly-skilled and educated professionals from different countries. Therefore, our diverse workforce has made it possible for us to explore opportunities in various markets and help our clients establish and grow their business by navigating the regulatory environment easily……….

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