President Trump

President Trump



Two minutes speech about TrumP

1. He fired the former secretary of states and replaced him with the former CIA director.

2. Issuing a new economical contracts with countries in the Middle East to increase the us


3. He signed the first women to direct the head of CIA office.


Answer Preview……………

America has been at the forefront of democracy and civil rights for a very long time. We must admit that just like other places, bad things such as discrimination have happened. However, unlike those places, people have been free to speak against such evils. Therefore, when Mr. Trump, a man who was thought to be an arrogant billionaire expressed his interest in being the American president, people dismissed him because of his overly sincere statements on controversial topics people avoided to talk about. However, truth be told, after becoming the president, Trump has been able to make strides towards keeping his promise to “make America Great Again.” One of the steps that President Trump took that undoubtedly improved the position of America was the replacement of former secretary of state Mr. Rex Tillerson with the former CIA director Mike Pompeo. The appointment of Pompeo may have seemed unwise at the beginning…………..

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