Prevention and Delaying the Onset of Diabetes

Prevention and Delaying the Onset of Diabetes

Hi! I have a draft and I’d like to correct and edit it. I received a feedback from the instructor and I’d you to follow the instructor’s feedback and make my draft 100% perfect to get the highest score possible.

The feed back:

“You have made some good changes on your draft. However, the body paragraphs are still short and not developoooed. You have many paragraphs choose 4 main ideas and then develop them in details. Every paragraph needs to have balance between articles and your explanations.”

Also remember, the assignment is 6-8 full pages. Please I do not want 5 and half pages so make sure about them. Don’t change the sources, just follow the feedback. MLA style references, double space. Thats it, Let me know if you want to know anything else.

Here is the draft. Please make sure about all the notes above. I need to get the highest grade possible. Thanks

 You may need to take a look at the instructions.I’m waiting the perfect writing.

Answer preview……….

apa 2336 words

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