Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

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The pricing strategy associated with services is typically more complex than the pricing of tangible goods. Think about a recent or future service purchase that you have made or might make. As a consumer, determine the pricing issues that must be considered when purchasing a service. Explain the level of difficulty in comparing prices prior to the purchase of the service. Assess whether service providers offer enough information, and explain how they could improve the process and make it more transparent.

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Nothing causes a consumer more doubt and confusion than determining the best price for a service. Unlike products which are tangible and one can determine their best price, service is intangible, that is, one can only tell whether the service is good or bad after it is provided which is why it is hard to determine the best price (Liu, Zhai & Chen, 2018). However, there are several factors that one needs to put into consideration before deciding the best price………..

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