Primary Source Evaluation: Advice to a Young Student

Primary Source Evaluation: Advice to a Young Student


actually you need to start the essay with this

Citation: Provide a proper citation using the Chicago Manual of Style 15th edition bibliography format (see sample citation below).

Vital Statistics: Here you will need to briefly explain what the source is. That is, who created it, when was it published, what format does it take, etc.

Summary: This section should be a synopsis of the source. You should briefly summarize the document. That is, explain what the document describes and says. Do not become overly detailed so that the main points become obscured.

Analysis and Interpretation: This section is the most important one. In it, you need to analyze the document with a critical eye, exploring hidden meanings or dominant themes or underlying values. Consider some of the questions outline above. Finally, explore what the document reveals about the period under consideration and the themes of World history it reveals. What interpretations can you make? What conclusions can you draw? This task of interpretation is what historians do.

you have to start the essay with the citation in a separate paragraph, then the vital statistics in a separate paragraph ,then the summary in a separate paragraph. and then do a paragraphs for who?, a paragraph for what?, a paragraph for when? and where?, then last paragraph is gonna be Why? pargraph not a conclusion paragraph.

snd the whole essay does not exceed two pages.

revise on attached file.

I am sending chicago guideline and sample

Answer preview………….

The source that is under revision is a History of World Societies. It is an anthology of various societies in the Ancient world. It is an insightful way to describe past societies. McKay, John P, Bennett D Hill, John Buckler, Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Roger B Beck, Clare Haru Crowston, Merry E Wiesner, and Jerry Dávila. 2015. A History Of World Societies. 1st ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.)

The book is an anthology of what ancient societies looked like. It takes a unique approach. That is because it is not descriptive; it views the society through the eyes of someone who actually lived in that society. The book itself was published in 2015, but the time that the text is cast in is around 524-528 B.C.E. It takes the form of a letter. As a matter of fact Miriam Lichteim translated it. She translated it into an ode by a royal scribe to a petulant student. Thus….

 APA 869 words

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