Write on Prison Systems

Write on Prison Systems

Hello there, we have a paper to write and the professor giving us the option to choose our topic, so you can pick the topic and it has to do with prison system, I will attach the guidliness and instruction that way you can see it

do you know what you going to write about ?

because today, he asked us ” write a paragraph describing your research topic, why you want to study it, and how you plan to do so” he said

here some of the students research papers topic”:The topic that I would like to research for the final paper is capital punishment, more commonly referred to as the death penalty, because I find this country’s usage of it to be severely outdated. My personal opinion on the matter is that if an individual has committed such an outrageous crime ”

Second student

“The topic that I chose to research for my paper is the issue of solitary confinement in prisons. I want to study it because I cannot even imagine how hard it must be to be placed into solitary, yet over 80,000 people are forced into it (Solitary Confinement). Coming from a psychology background.”

These are just students topics but you can pick what ever you want, just see the guides and the attachment I sent you thanks

Hello there,

I am interesting in researching about the Criminal Minds, and why people ending up in prison. What does it cause people to murder or commit crimes? Is the prison is the solutions for them ? this is just a topic I was interesting in. Also, there are a lot its up to you. You can choose anything that has to do with prison system.


Answer Preview……………..

Crime in the current times is ever-growing, and different phenomena attempt to explain why. Our courts are crawling with criminal and civil cases, and every day, a good number of people are sentenced to jail time. A report by bureau justice statistics in 2018, reported that almost 2.2million people are held in the American prisons by 2016. In these numbers, there was only the inclusion of adults with no juvenile cases. From the statistics, we can conclude that for every 100,000 people, around 655 are imprisoned. America is considered to have the highest………………

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