Prisoner Re-Entry

Prisoner Re-Entry


Your Core Assessment Paper for CJ232.
 term paper is worth 200 points (15 percent of your final grade).
 Term paper should be eight – to – ten pages in length (2,000 – 2,500 words), not
including the title page or references page(s).
 There should be a minimum of ten outside quality academic sources utilized.
 No more than 10 percent of the paper may be copied directly from outside sources;
and, of course, all outside sources must be properly cited.
 Cite your work in APA format. A reference source for APA formatting is found in
the  Webliography  of the course. See the following links for information about APA
format and tutorials for basic APA:
APA Style (Links to an external site.)Links
to an external site.
APA Style Tutorials (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
chose one of the following topics to write about.
1. Evidence-based practice
2. Pre-trial release and diversion
3. Risk assessment and risk prediction
4. Case planning and supervision
5. Non-residential community supervision
6. Residential community supervision
7. Restorative justice and reparations
8. Specialized caseloads
9. Prisoner re-entry
10. Principles of Effective Intervention and EPICS Model
11. Participation Process Model
Make your paper topic selection from the list above.


Answer Preview…………..

Introduction. The re-entry of prisoners into the society was previously assumed to be a natural thing. However, the increment in the number of prisoners who relapse into their previous lifestyles and find themselves back in jail and correctional centers, there is a need to address prisoners re-entry into the society. An average of 1,885 individuals is released daily into the society according to the Bureau of justice statistics. The transition from prison or jail life to community life is extremely difficult for most offenders. This is because most of them have spent a considerable amount of time (5 above years) in the correctional centers and have been bypassed by social growth. It is also difficult for the community and the family who must learn to regard these individuals differently from the crimes they were convicted from. Sadly, offenders may be struggling with issues like substance abuse, inadequacy in job skills and education, mental issues and lack of capital to start over. There is a need to review the process of re-entry into the community for offenders and try to find a way through which the process can be effected to help both the community and the offenders can integrate with each other seamlessly…………………….

APA 2641 words

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