Private Prison in the United States

Private Prison in the United States

You will choose a topic of your own creation to research and argue about that fits under one of these categories. For instance, examples of topics could be topics such as “Private Prisons” or “Trying Juveniles as Adults.” Using these topics, you would argue something about the concept using your sources and your own, EXPLAINED and SUPPORTEDopinions.

You are to research this topic on your own, and find FOUR (4) sources that are reliable, respectable, and fit for academic use. You will use these sources to discuss the topic and make your own argument, much like the Argument Synthesis. For help on interacting with your sources, check our templates handout. BE SURE TO INCLUDE BOTH IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND A WORKS CITED PAGE.

Also be sure to include an arguable thesis that establishes your viewpoint in a debateable, meaningful way. Remember, your argument does not need to be a black and white yes or no on a topic, or outright agree/disagree with sources. Find your own voice and stance on your topic!

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Private Prison in the United States

The US correction system in the US encountered startling development in the last few years, with approximately 400% increase in the number of prisoners’ populace, paired with a non-corresponding development of prison facilities (Price & Morris, 2012).  In the year 2010, reports indicated that approximately 2.5 million US citizens were jailed in various government correctional facilities. Internationally, the US has the highest population of inmates than any other nation. Since the US comprises 5% of the world populace, it hosts about 25% of the world’s inmates. Several factors have led to increased prisoners population, and they include…………….

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