identify a problem in business that you would like to propose solutions for

Problem Solution Report


Please submit your topic — either a report on your intended career (must include an interview with someone in the field) or a problem-solution report (identify a problem in business that you would like to propose solutions for (must include corporate examples to support your solutions.)

Please submit ten resources you are considering using for your formal report.


Answer Preview……………..

The main objective of solving the financial problems in the business organization is to reduce uncertainty in the market structures. The purpose of this report will assess some ways of reducing economic insecurity in the business organization about business problems. There are many resources from previous literature that can help in the problem-solving process from the individual perspective. This process involves setting an activity that will correspond with the transcending skills and abilities of people in the organization. The center of this report’s study is to illustrate the complexity of business performance with financial problems. Another objective of the paper is to design useful procedure presenting issues in the organization and addressing them…………

APA 815 words

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