Problem Solving Plan

Kids love to run, play, climb and turn into pirates, monsters and princesses whilst they scale the mountains and castles of our climbing frames and swoosh down the mega slide.

Stimulate your kid’s imagination and burn up their energy…. while you chat and enjoy a coffee.

Coconuts has been open for 10 years the management team aimed to get the organisation profitable with in 2 years the problem they are facing is the business tern to be seasonal which in return cause luck of number of visitors.

How can we creatively increase the number of people how can we market the business??

Develop your own solution to that problem.

Your task is (please write in the style required by the role play); As a Creativity and Innovation Management Consultant, you are required to write a report 750 words, clearly identifying; the problem you are planning to solve, the techniques you will employ to solve the problem, include appropriate theoretical underpinning and an implementation plan of the solution which is to be sent to the owner of the business.

Marks will be awarded for;

a)  Clear identification of the problem to be solved

b)  Identification of how creativity will be used to solve the problem

c)  The academic underpinning required to justify your findings

d)  Systematic construction of your report findings and implementation plan.

e)  Use of Harvard references.

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