Production 412

You are the manager of the production department, and the project manager will come from your group. This will be a first, as normally the project managers come from the marketing department. You need to assess the various people in your group and identify the person with the best skills. You will start by creating a job description for the position, focusing on the skills needed.

  • Go to the Discussion Board and post at least 5 paragraphs that list skills that are needed by the project manager for each phase in the Project Life Cycle, emphasizing the differences in skills needed between the various phases.
  • Next, craft a high-level job posting that identifies the responsibilities, the skills required, and the experiences needed



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Organizations experience several problems which need to be solved to enable it to conducts its operations effectively. For example, organizations are faced with decisions regarding the purchase of new systems or development of new products. For the organization to effectively solve these problems, it needs to have an effective project manager. The manager should have effective skills which he or she will use to solve organization problems. There are …

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