Program Planning: The Big Picture

For the project, you will apply steps 7 and 8 in program planning.

  1. Using the professional literature and/or organizational websites, locate and identify a description of a health promotion program.
  2. Review the program based on the criteria outlined in step seven of the text. Which components of this program would you utilize in a program you are developing? Explain why you would or would not use this program to generate strategies for your program. (Is the program you identified, science or evidence based? How do you know?)

Then, generate a list of possible budget items, and identify ways to cover some of the necessary expenses. Consider grants from public and private foundations (refer to Web resources). Review the requirements by at least two funding sources. Identify the key constituents in two of the funding sources.

Complete this assignment as a Word document. The paper should be approximately two pages in length, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font, using references to support your response.




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Health promotion can be described as a multidisciplinary area that uses education to change people’s behavior and environment in ways which promote good health to the society. The main target of these programs is usually to reduce risks related to health and at the same optimize productivity while reducing the total cost of health. It creates a culture which fosters motivation and human capital’s effectiveness. As a result of this, health promotion programs …

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