The Progressive Case Study 4

W4 Discussion: The Progressive Case Study 4

Performance Consulting, Persuasive Communications and Influence

The Progressive Case Study 

The Green Organization is a multinational corporation with offices around the globe. The organization has over 500 full time employees and over 1500 contracted positions across its footprint. The diversity of the individuals and teams working for the organization is multicultural. One of the key components of the organization is to operate in accordance to the laws and traditions of the host country.

The Green Organization brings employees and its contractors to different regional training centers for cross cultural training. The organization also provides training on the different workplace cultures. As many individual and cultural characteristics are learned or based on environmental influence, the organization has an open dialog as to how they can best serve a particular region, territory, or client. Flexibility and adaption are very important to the success of the trainings and the organization as a whole.

Part of your assignment as a contractor is to present to the executive leadership the importance of regional cultures as well as workplace culture in training and in the workplace. Provide practical examples of how to best adapt and accommodate to the needs of a region for an organizational leader being transferred to a new region unfamiliar to them.

Consider this:

  • A training plan for assimilating to a new organizational culture and regional culture.
  • How can this plan be best enacted to expedite synthesis and raise overall performance and effectiveness in the organization as well as in the region?
  • What tools might best prepare the new leader? Remember a tool is only as good as the artist.
  • How can the importance of this training be best communicated to the learner?


  • Your plan (response) should be a minimum of 300 words. Be sure to utilize outside resources in order to back up your plan with data/theories that have proven to be a success. Use at least three resources in apa and use subtitles





preview of the answer..

This training plan provides suggestions on the strategies that will be adapted to ensure that the needs of the new region are met appropriately. To enable the leader manage diversity within the new workplace, all staffs working in the region will be allowed to participate actively in all organization activities and will also be sensitized on the significance of having a diverse workforce. To enhance the process of assimilating to a new regional culture and organizational culture, the leader in the region will be required to identify specific ways of comprehending what satisfies and motivate staff regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds …

365 words APA

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