Project Management 2d

In your role as project manager for the PROVISION Healthcare Technologies project, you report to the Director of Product Development, Terry Smith. Terry has forwarded you a few emails about the project and asked you to schedule an overview meeting with the project stakeholders.

Describe who you will invite to the meeting. Be sure to identify the stakeholders of the project, provide your rationale for selecting each role, and describe any potential conflicts that may arise as the organizational system of the company conflicts with the needs of the project.

400 words not more than 3 references




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As a project manager, one has to identify all stakeholders before planning anything relating to the project. A stakeholder can be defined as any entity or person that is interested in a project. As a result of this, their interests should be considered from the beginning to the end of the project. Stakeholders to a project might be both from inside the organization or outside. They are usually interested in the project because it affects them either directly or indirectly (Roeder, 2013). As a manager of a project aimed to provide healthcare technologies to a healthcare …

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