Project Proposal: Cinema and Freedom

Project Proposal: Cinema and Freedom

Your final assignment will be a comprehensive project with four phases. You will work in groups and individually to explore the themes and disciplines of the humanities over the years and in multiple forms. Each step, along with its respective due date, is listed below.

First, an overview of the project:

Choosing one discipline and at least one (but no more than two) of the below themes, explore your material in a dynamic, multimedia team project with an accompanying individual paper. As an illustration, I could choose music and nature, and I would begin my exploration with different cultures and early forms of music and trace the evolution through modern day, culminating with Lady Gaga or Don Henley (as random examples).

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·Stage One: Individual or Group Collaboration

As a second part of the initial group preparation, someone in your group must submit a one-page summary (proposal) on your team’s behalf discussing what you plan to explore, along with each person’s individual focal points. There is no particular format for this: a complete and articulate synopsis/proposal can earn up to 10 points, but the most important element of this stage is that it provides me with the opportunity to give you feedback and direction on your project. Do note that the absence of a submission will result in a zero for this component.

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 one page  Cinema & freedom

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This project will focus on cinema and freedom as a topic. Regarding cinema as a humanities topic, the project will view the content and form of cinema and how it has evolved, especially in the 20th century. By looking at the content and cinema form, it will be possible to understand the technological, philosophical, and field growth in the cinema industry. Film form will focus on specific forms such as documentary films which will effectively portray freedom and development. However, despite emphasizing particular film forms, the project will not limit its scope to particular film forms……..

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