Property Crime and Practical Reflection

Property Crime and Practical Reflection

1. “Property Crime and Practical Reflection” 

Think about what you learned this week about property crime as you respond to the following:

Identify the term ‘shoplifting.’ What are some of the different types of shoplifting? What are some of the trends in shoplifting? Use examples to support your answer.


2. Observations Of Leader(s) In Your Life

In this week’s Strayer Story you learned how Coach Gibbs developed his own leadership style by observing the styles of leaders he admires. Now, think of a great leader in your own life. This can be a coach, teacher, mentor, supervisor, family member, etc. How would you describe that person? What would you say were some of their strengths as a leader? Do you feel as though they are an effective leader? Why or why not? Use references from Leadership That Gets Results (JGR100 ebook) to support your response.

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