Proposal Memo & Annotated Bibliography

For today’s assignment, you will complete some preliminary research and compile an annotated bibliography. Additionally, you will craft a one-page memo that highlights your proposal topic and projected outcomes.

Pretend as if you have already completed the proposal and that you are now describing (briefly) the completed project to your primary audience with the goal of receiving their go-ahead/funding. You must follow MEMO formatting. Please include a "Subject" line above the body of your memo.

Annotated Bibliography:

Please submit a properly formatted Annotated Bibliography illustrating possible sources for your proposal. You must include at least four sources. The sources should meet the needs of your audience. Remember: you MUST always consider your audience. What type of source material/information would appeal to them? Always, always think about that as you work through the Proposal assignment.

You may use APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. style. Just be consistent throughout.

Create a properly formatted citation for each resource and then provide a brief summary (3-5 sentences) of the resource. Finally, provide your "why?"–explain why the resource is appropriate for your proposal (2-4 sentences).

For those of you completing the STRL Proposal Assignment, your research may include Transformative Learning resources (not directly about your topic but explaining or demonstrating TL type activities and/or benefits)

Compile both tasks (i.e. Memo and Annotated Bibliography) as ONE single document and save and submit as a .pdf file.

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