This paper is in base of a paper that is already done you just have to do some changes in the original paper changes that the professor suggested to do) and add what I posted. The original paper has already 1100 words so it only needs 900 – 1000 words.
It is the original paper that is about Colgate you just have to continue working in the same paper adding what I just posted
The paper that says professor feedback that one is the one that you have to work in. The other two papers are suggestions to do.


Here is attached three documents the professor feedback is = the document where I have to work this week I have to include or do ch= anges in the original paper according of the suggestions that the professor= just posted and the peers. There are three feedback attached here read tha= t first and then include in the original and then work in the next points <= /strong>

Revise&nbsp= ;your Week Four business proposal using the feedback provided by you= r peers and facilitator as necessary. In addition to your week four paper, = the second part of your paper will use the revised information to recommend= appropriate pricing and nonpricing strategies for your new or existing goo= d or service based on the projected economy’s stage in the business cycle a= nd the prevailing projected economic conditions for one or more macroeconom= ic factors. Explain the evidence that supports these recommendations.

Required Elements:

    • Describe the current global economic conditions and th= eir effect on local macroeconomic indicators for your good or service.&nbsp= ;
    • Describe the local economy’s stage in the business cycle.
    Describe how current credit market conditions affect your planning or oper= ating decision for your good or service.

  • Suggested: 1900 – 2100 wor= ds total, which includes the Business proposal paper completed in= week four
  • Include two or more of your student peer reviews from th= e week four assignment, as an appendix to the week five pape




preview of the answer..

Colgate is one of the many toothpaste manufacturing companies in the world.  The toothpaste industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world.  In the past ten years, the industry, previously dominated by Colgate has grown tremendously and the industry has seen many new entrants.  Colgate operates in a market structure that can be defined or referred to as pure competition.  A pure competition market structure is one which there are many producers …

2189 words APA

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