There are two options for this assignment

There are two options for this assignment


There are two options for this assignment.

A: To supplement our study of Medieval Chinese Literature, read the section on Tao Qian (1291-1303). The work excerpted in our anthology contains both prose and verse (poetic) styles, in many cases in the same work. For example, the selection “The Peach Blossom Spring” (1293-1294) starts in prose, with a narrative of a fisherman, then transitions (perhaps abruptly when you turn the page) to a poem, written with line breaks. This style is seen in most of the selections. As well, some of the passages are all lineated in poetry and a few are only prose.

Choose one of the selections by Tao Qian that combines prose and poetry and write a response to the selection. Examine how the prose and poetry go together, what the passage says (means), how the artist’s craft is revealed, and how your experience of the work is affected by the merging of the two genres.

B: Choose two or more translations of “Deer Enclosure” from Wednesday’s handout and the chapter on Wang Wei. Discuss the variations in the translations. Choose one that you feel is the best, and explain why this example works successfully. If you missed class, here is the attachment. Wang Wei translations.pdfPreview the document

The suggested length is 2 pages. Cite in MLA format using page numbers and include the works cited entry at the end. The works cited information for the Wang Wei translations is on the cover sheet of the packet. The response is 30 points and due 10.30.19.

Please move on with your syllabus reading and get into The Thousand and One Nights (1173-1197). Read the introductory chapter on Europe and the Islamic World (801-815).


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Different literature work has made it to contemporary society largely due to efforts by different scholars and individuals with interest in literature to develop the said work into a form understandable by contemporary language. Particularly so, Chinese literature has experienced diverse forms of translations by different authors as they attempt to demystify the various messages that the original composers may have intended to pass. Deer Enclosure is one such form of poetic literature that has experienced significant change throughout history as different scholars attempted to translate it to English. However, with different scholars interpreting…………

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