Provide Plagiarism report please. 300 Words

AA Reaction Paper


Follow the template exactly

Provide Plagiarism report please.

300 Words should be good.


Subject: Nursing



This is the meeting site

And The group meet every Wednesday 8 pm. You can include in the paper.


I went to the meeting.

They were alcoholic people sharing how the start drinking and how AA group help them to cut down their habit.

They have sponsor helping them through their bad habit.

They talk how it was hard for them to cut down alcohol.

I will send you the chp 23 and 31



I sent just summary to give you ideas .

This professor just want small paragraphs.

Use exact template

And I have to submit trough Turnintin.



Reference for the book

Stuart, G. W. (2013). Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing (10th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby

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