Psychological profiling

*One criticism frequently heard concerning the use of psychological
> profiling in the course of investigating and pursuing criminals is that the
> tendency for police and others to “believe the expert,” even if the profile
> is mistaken on key variables, can actually divert them from meaningful
> investigative leads.  This was exemplified in the search for the “D.C.
> Snipers” in 2002.  Do you think this is a common danger for profiling and
> if so how would you control for this risk? How would you interview the DC
> snipers? *
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Psychological profiling is used to describe a technique that criminal investigators use to create profile for different types of criminals such as rapists and other people involved in both violent and non-violent criminal activities. During the process of investigating criminal cases, psychological profilers engage in a wide range of activities that include reviewing police files and interviewing people who might have reliable information that can lead to the arrest of perpetrators (Godwin, 2010)

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