Psychological Testing

Considerations in Testing

Keith is a consultant residing in Centervale, U.S.A., a friendly, predominantly middle-class community with a diverse ethnic make-up.   He works closely with other professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and school administrators.  As a licensed psychologist, one of Keith’s job duties is to conduct psychological and psychoeducational assessments. Results from assessments can help make decisions related to placement in special education or gifted and talented programs and development of academic and behavioral interventions.  Keith sometimes works with counselors to administer interest inventories to help students with career planning as well.

Keith has been asked to conduct an assessment of an 8-year old boy for possible learning disabilities.  Dat started attending Centervale Elementary last year and is currently in 3rd grade. He is enrolled in classes for students with English as a Second Language. His family speaks Vietnamese at home, but Dat speaks English fairly well at school. Although Keith is bilingual in English and Spanish, he does not speak Vietnamese.

Reflect on what you have learned in your readings about cultural, legal, and ethical issues related to assessment.

  • Describe specific ethical issues Keith needs to consider.
  • How might Dat’s cultural upbringing and language affect the results of testing?
  • Considering Dat’s needs along with the ethical concerns, what should Keith do?
  • Reflect on the impact of testing results. How might results from testing impact Dat’s future?




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Psychology as a profession is delicate as psychologists sometimes work with individuals that are susceptible in situations that prove to be sensitive. Keith, being a psychologist must remain informed on current ethical standards and issues to ensure that he does not violate them in the course of his professional practice. In assessing Dat, the 8-year old boy with possible learning disabilities, some of the specific ethical issues that Keith needs to consider include ensuring he does not take advantage of the child’s age as a vulnerable individual, acting in the best interest of the child, and obtaining consent from parents of the client before engaging in any major operation …

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