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Your final project will be a policy memo on the following fictitious fact scenario: In response to public criticism of Ohio’s health rankings compared to other states, the Ohio legislature has recently voted to increase the Ohio Health Department’s budget by $1 million dollars. The legislature could not agree on which health problem was contributing most to Ohio’s poor health, so they deferred to Director of Health to determine how to best allocate this money. The Director of Health must report back to the state legislature in two years to report where the money has been spent and how it has increased the health of Ohioans. As is often the case when administrative agencies are faced with the task of rule-writing on an ambiguous piece of legislation, the Director has issued a notice to the public seeking comments from stakeholders about which health-related issues should be tackled with the limited budget. The Director will be looking for proposals that offer a concrete, feasible solution, which will demonstrates measurable results within two years. Remember, the Director is limited in his power to enact policies, so make sure that you suggest alternatives that are within his powers. 1. Begin my choosing a health-related “social problem”. Define this social problem using a causal story that sets up the alternative solutions that you seek to propose. 2. Discuss alternative solutions to the problem and then choose one solution that the Director should choose, explaining why it is the best solution. 3. Explain how you will evaluate or measure the success of the program. 4. Provide concrete examples of where and when your solution has worked in the past. The examples can be in the U.S. or abroad. 5. Acknowledge any weaknesses in your plan and suggest ways in which to address these weaknesses. 6. Lastly, present a convincing argument that the problem that you are highlighting is the problem that deserves the funding, as opposed to the other problems/proposals being presented by other groups. I strongly suggest that you pick a specific and narrow issue and that you define the problem specifically. The more generally you define your problem the harder it will be to design a workable solution. Further, no one expects you to solve all public health issues with a budget of $1 million. The final paper will be limited to 10 pages double spaced. It is important that your paper be concise and “to the point” because policymakers have limited attention. For your first draft, you will submit a detailed outline that is in complete sentences, outlining your responses to each of the prongs listed above. This outline should be comprehensive and allow you to focus on creating a logical flow of arguments and evidence to support your claims.

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Obesity is a health condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it is likely to negatively affect their health. An individual is considered to be obese when his or her bodyweight is 20% higher than it is supposed to be. For instance, if a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 he or she is considered to be overweight. However, if the BMI is over 30, then the individuals is considered obese. A person’s BMI is a statistical measurement usually obtained from his or her..

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