Public administration

In 2-3 pages answer the following:  Do you think that public administrators should be restricted to only laid down rules in the discharge of their duties as espoused by Max Weber or should they have some amount of discretion. Provide the likely benefits and disadvantages of each scenario and use examples to support your argument.

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Claude Frederic Bastiat was born on 29th June in Bayonne, France in 1801. Since he was orphaned, he was brought up by his relatives and ended up working in an accounting firm that was owned by his uncle. He was also a framer when he inherited his grandfather’s property. He joined politics in 1831 after the middle-class revolution that occurred in 1830. He started writing after joining politics in 1830. Observers say that he was a very superb writer as his writings are still outstanding even in the modern society.  This essay..

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