Public Attitudes toward Punitive Measures

Public Attitudes toward Punitive Measures

Week #8: Research evidence points toward the fact that since the 1990s the public attitude toward punitive measures is less punitive. Discuss the role of public attitudes and perception toward adolescent punishment. Do you feel that this change in attitude is due to the lack of moral panics at the turn of the 20th Century?

Learning Objectives:Debate how juvenile behavior is addressed through the criminal justice system.

Instructions: Each students answer to the question should be between 800 words. A minimum of four APA 6th edition citations and references need to be used in the development of your answer.

800 words
refs and cite
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The opinion of the public has a significant effect on the lawmakers’ judgments on juvenile crime regulation. Over the years, there have been some great transformations on perspectives regarding minor crimes from a system that regarded most offenders as youths whose crimes resulted from immaturity into one that progressively sees little difference between juveniles and adults who commit grave crimes. The apparent rise in youth crimes, particularly violent and grave crimes, triggered the lawmakers to query of the efficiency of the rehabilitative methods of the juvenile court and explore more punitive practices towards child offenders (Austin et al., 2000). However, recent studies imply that although the public support the idea of young offenders being held accountable for their crimes, there are ways of…

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