Publically traded firm: Microsoft Corporation

> Using the internet choose 1 publically traded firm and research the
> financial sucessess and challenges that the chosen firm has encountered.
> Select financial statements the firm has released within the past 3 years.
> Use the data to identify the profit margin, debt to asset ratio,
> price-earnings ratio, inventory turnover, current ratio, and times interest
> earned for the firm. Analyze significant trends. Examine whether it appears
> the firm will achieve financial success throughout the next 5 years or
> weather there are challenges to hinder growth. Provide ratio for your
> response. Imagine you are the manger summarize the major steps you would
> take to improve the firm or maintain the firms current level of financial
> success. Explain the main reasons why your approach would be effective. Use
> three quality references Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as
> sources. You may you data sources such as yahoo finance. Typed double space
> using times new roman 12pt font, one inch margins on all sides citations
> and reference s must follow APA format. Include cover page containing title
> of assignment, student name, course title and date and reference page




preview of the answer..

The publically traded firm that has been chosen is Microsoft Corporation. The following describe the financial successes and challenges that the firm has encountered. The company has been successful; however, that does not mean that it practices efficient, as well as, effective financial management ….


959 words APA

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