Puppy Mills

Speech is to persuade the audience that puppy mills are bad. It should be typed as a 5 paragraph paper. I will put an attachment with the instructions for the speech. Needs 5 sources only ONE, If you use a book source, please check online to see if the Tinley Park Library in Illinois zip code 60477, has the book on their shelves if they don’t, you cannot use the book as a source, because I need to have access to the book physically. Also please include the sources you use on the example page so that I can make sure my local Tinley Park Library has the book before I accept the order. Also, Make sure you include the page numbers that you used from the sources. And If you would like to use a book that cant be found at the Tinley Park Library, than the only way you can do that is to send me a photocopy or a scan picture of cover of the book, and the pages you have used. That is the only way you can use sources that I dont have access to physically.

the three main points are as follows:
1.) Problems with puppy mills and why they are bad
2.) Causes
3.) Solutions

Good luck let me know if you have any questions. I will attach a file with the instructions. And an example of how it should be.




preview of the answer..

A puppy mill is dog breeding which takes place in large scale. This breeding usually takes place as a commercial activity. During the production of these dogs, the emphasis is usually more on profits made rather than the welfare of dogs. As a result of this, the dogs being bred are usually put in poor conditions, an aspect that leads to some of them dying while others contract severe diseases. The reason why puppy mills are bad is that they lead to dogs being treated like cash crops. For instance, these dogs are usually put in overcrowded places. At the  …

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