Why to pursue non-traditional location for the franchise

Unit 9 :
In a persuasive essay the author attempts to persuade others to concur with our facts, case, and conclusions. In this Assignment, you will write a persuasive essay on pursuing non-traditional locations for the franchise you selected in Unit 6. Non-traditional locations can include universities, cruise ships, retail businesses, or anything that is unique from the traditional location for your business. The persuasive essay will be sent to the CEO and board members for the franchise.

In this Assignment, you will engage in the development of the following professional competencies:

•Analyze Qualitative Data
•Obtain and process information

Visit the Kaplan library and select a current article on non-traditional location strategies. Your persuasive essay should be three to five pages and written in APA format and citation style.

See Rubric below for Assignment details.

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