> QGBAD440
>    –
> 400 word minimum Plagarism score must be under 30%
> Diffediscuss the differences between qualitative, quantitative, mixed
> methods, and action research
> 2.       Discuss your basic understanding of each strategy
> 3.       How would you determine what strategy to use for a research
> project?




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The term research coins the notion collection of data that is to the mere novice in fields that involve research. However, for individuals with experience in research acknowledge how integral it is for one to choose the best mode of research one should actually employ when carrying out their research. When carrying out research there are plethora modes from which one should employ among them being qualitative research methods, quantitative research, action research methods just to mention but a few. Under most circumstances one should look at the nature of the research they would like to carry out and in turn keenly settle on the best techniques …

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