Quality Healthcare Management

Quality Article Review


This assignment’s intent is to set the stage for this semester’s content by bringing your attention to a selection of articles that discuss quality and performance improvement in the healthcare environment.


Each student will select ONE article to review according to the guidelines below. Article selection will take place during the first week of class. All articles can be found on Sakai in the assignment section.


Assignment details:  


Part 1


Respond to the following questions/comments:

–       Provide an executive summary for this article in your own words. Must not exceed 250 words.

–       In your opinion, how does this article contribute to the topic of quality in healthcare?

–       Describe your top 2 take-a-ways from this article



Part 2


Write 50 words pertaining to the article you just reviewed.





preview of the answer..

The healthcare sector is one sector of the economy that requires all stakeholders to be competent enough in their respective fields. Among many issues that are faced in the health sector include the storage and management of data. There must be the proper entering of patient data for the hospital to clearly monitor how the patient responds to the medicine that he or she is given. In the article “Harnessing the Power of Enhanced Data for Healthcare Quality Improvement: Lessons from a Minnesota Hospital Association Pilot Project” the author, Michael Pine, has conducted a research on a project Minnesota in which the management in the project and its impact on the hospitals is evaluated. The article is an eye opener on the fact that all data in the hospital databases has equal value to the hospital …

387 words APA

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