Quality Management

  • Describe each of the following total quality management tools and give an example of a situation or an environment in which it would be applicable:
    • Pareto chart
    • Check sheet
    • Histogram
    • Scatter diagram
    • Run chart
    • Control chart
    • Flowchart
    • Quality Function Deployment
  • TQM tools are costly to implement, and there are concerns on their effectiveness. Have you come across a scenario, from your company or any other organization with which you are familiar, where TQM tools failed to bring the results for which they were implemented? If yes, describe the reasons for the failures of the effectiveness of these tools. If no, think of scenarios in which implementing TQM tools would be ineffective. Support your rationale with examples.




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A Pareto diagram is a simple bar chat which ranks related measures in order of occurrence. For example a furniture retail manager may use a Pareto chart to know which type of furniture gets higher returns and so get an insight of what steps to take to improve sales.

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