1. You are a tour guide for a group of Japanese tourists who are in America for the first time and who are about to embark on a cross-country tour.As their tour guide you will give a presentation on important landmarks prior to their trip.In an essay of at least three (3) paragraphs: You can either write your ideas about how to approach this tour, or actually create the introduction and plan for the tour itself. The idea is to consider what you would have to do in order to facilitate the tour, and be sure that the people who take the tour will both learn from it, and enjoy it. It is important to mention not only what the tourists might plan to see or visit, but your preparation should accommodate the tourists’ needs.

2. Review the video  of the JFK speech (found in Week 1 assignment folder).Watch the video on nonverbal communication. Write an essay of at leastthree-paragraphs that analyzes the nonverbal communication used by JFK in the speech. How effectively was it used? How would his nonverbal language be different if the speech was presented during this age of technology?

(watch this 2 videos please)

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Part One: Tour Guide Plan

The objectives and preferences of tourists differ depending on the cultural and nationality background. Thus as a tour guide, I am entitled to having an insight on the attributes and preferences of the Japanese tourists. They are unique in various ways as they love traveling and make their travels while in groups mostly as family members. Also, they are also unique in that most of them are at a young age while they finance the trips……….

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