Why does Claudia think the audience should care?

Who is the audience of this presentation


Who is the audience of this presentation? How do you know?
Why does Claudia think the audience should care?
What parts of the presentation are impactful? In other words, what parts of the presentation would really convince the audience that they should care?
2.Identify places in Claudia’s script that you think should be accompanied by visuals. For each place you identify, indicate what kind of information you think she should include on the slide. For example, you may think personal images are appropriate in some places, or that graphs or charts representing data may be helpful in others.

3. Choose the remaining 3-5 places in the script where you will incorporate visuals. Briefly note where you will include these visuals, and describe what will appear on the slide.

4. Complete the checklist after practicing your presentation. Identify at least three adjustments that you will make to improve the presentation based on this critical evaluation.

5. Identify opportunities that you have to speak in public and practice these presentation skills, even if not giving a formal presentation. How will using these tips help you communicate your message?

6. Consider all you’ve learned throughout this course. In your opinion, what are two of the most important concepts or skills you learned that are most relevant to your everyday life?

7.What did you enjoy most about this course?


Answer Preview…………

The target population for the presentation is the criminal justice system, members of the public, and policymakers. I know this since the presentation addresses one of the most pressing issues in the criminal justice system of the country where the number of people incarcerated has been increasing at an alarming rate. Claudia thinks that the audience should care since it is affected by increased incarcerations. The part of the presentation that was most impactful was the statistics on the increase in the number of incarcerated people since 1980………..

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