Rachels’s theory of moral individualism

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Rachels’s theory of moral individualism

3. If you lived in a society like Gattaca and you were planning to have children, would you use the existing biotechnology to alter your offspring’s  genetic “blueprint” or would you choose as Vincent’s parents did? Provide arguments to support your position. (2.5pgs)




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In this theory, Rachels first argue that human beings are equal. However, he later rejects this ideal of equality among human beings arguing that human beings can only be treated as equals if there are no relevant differences among them. He goes on to argue that the relevant differences among people should be used to differentiate people as individuals only, and not on the basis of religion, race or gender. Under moral individualism, a person’s character and personality should be based on their own personal attributes and not attributes of the groups they come from (Preston & Ouderkirk, 2007) …

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