Transforming a business today means redesigning business processes.

Radical Process Design

Transforming a business today means redesigning business processes. Two techniques used to transform a static business process are (1) radical process redesign, which is sometimes called business process reengineering (BPR) or simply reengineering and (2) incremental, continuous process improvement, which includes total quality management (TQM) and Six Sigma.

Why was radical design of business processes embraced so quickly and so deeply by senior managers of so many companies? In your opinion, and using hindsight, was its popularity a benefit for businesses? Why or why not?


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Every organization seeks to improve its productivity, which would in turn increase revenue from the investment. The radical process design sought to implement changes in different organizations, which would help achieve some predetermined goals (Pearlson, Saunders, & Galletta, 2016). The existence of a clear rationale through which firms could achieve such improvements would attract the attention of key stakeholders in different organizational environments, which in turn explains the success experienced by the rapid design………….

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