Raise or Lower Tuition?

Raise or Lower Tuition?

Raise or Lower Tuition?

Suppose that, in an attempt to raise more revenue, Nobody State University increases its tuition. Will this necessarily result in more revenue? Under what conditions will revenue (a) rise, (b) fall, or (c) remain the same? Explain this process, focusing on the relationship between the increased revenue from students enrolling at NSU despite the higher tuition and the lost revenue from possible lower enrollment. If the true price elasticity were -1.2, what would you suggest the university do to expand revenue? If you were the president of NSU, how would you tackle this problem based on what you have learned in this course?

The Raise or Lower Tuition paper

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price elasticity s Microeconomics principles and policies

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Many people have expectations of attaining at least a degree within their lifetime. Nevertheless, some may attain it without quitting. High cost of tuitions stands as the main reason behind people failing to continue going to universities or colleges. Raising tuition may give extra revenue to the institutions, though it may affect the new students’ enrollment. This exercise discusses on whether raising tuitions would contribute to more revenue, the circumstances under………………….

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