Read the assigment and answer the five questions

Read the assigment and answer the five questions

Read the given assigment, and due to the assigmnet answer the five
questions in the first two pages.

Your answer should be at least two/three paragraphs per questions. Be sure
to support your answers with evidence from the readings.

It should be at least two or three paragraph for one question ,and please
due to the assigment and use the evidences in the assigment to answer the
questions. Thank you very much.

label each question and answer below it in 2 paragraphs, 100 words each, so
200 words per question, ref and cite the source attached below the questions


Answer Preview…………….

The Nazi party significantly used its image to gain popularity in Germany. In early 1920, the Nazi party targeted the German youth. The party’s ideas emphasized that the party was a movement of the youth. Many youths therefore enrolled and by 1936, the youth population in the Nazi party had reached over five million (Hitler, & Kampf, 1971). The Nazi party also used uniforms as part of their public display the SA order 111 placed significant Memphis on how the…………………..

APA 1242 words

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