Cognitive learning styles

  1. Research Note 3.6 discusses cognitive styles (creativity, conformity to rule and group, and attention to detail). We don’t have access to a measure that can determine which of those we fall into, but based on self reflection (and any personality quizzes you’ve taken) and the HBR article (found in the Read section), which style do you think you fall into? Have you noticed teams at your job (or at school…that evil group work thing 😉 succeeding or failing based on the mix of cognitive styles? Explain.


– My cognitive way of learning is Analytical perspective.

HBR article ( Harvard Business Review)





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According to cognitive theorists, a person’s cognitive skills tend to remain stable throughout his or her life. As a result of this, my cognitive learning through analytical perspective is likely to remain throughout my life. This learning style has been of great help in my learning as I have been able to learn several aspects of life through effectively analyzing things that I come across. For instance, when I am involved in a conflict with another person, I usually analyze critically the issues that led to the conflict in order to come up with appropriate measures to solve it. Through analyzing the issues that led to the conflict, I am to know ways of preventing similar conflicts from occurring in the future. My analytical way of learning also assists me in my academic studies. For example, during exams and assignments I usually analyze …

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