read story and answer questions

read story and answer questions

After reading Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out!” please respond at least five of the following questions and the total word limit of these four questions is 350. (the pictures of ”Out, Out!” are below this page, read all of them first)
1 Frost took his title from Act V, Scene V of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. What do you think prompted Frost to select those words from Shakespeare? What is going on at that point in the play? People from William Faulkner to Elton John have used images or words from this same passage, so perhaps we might infer that there is something there. What do you think?
2 What is the poem about?
3 Why does the boy die? Be careful. He does not bleed to death, and he dies way too soon for infection to have been a factor. What do you think? Does the boy himself give us a hint in some of his last words?
4 Some readers are disturbed by the final lines: “And they, since they / Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.”    How do you take the ending of the poem?
5 Does the ending bother you or not?  If so, in what way?
6 What does the quotation from Shakespeare bring to the poem?
7 If the poem had a different title, perhaps “The Death of the Wood Cutter” relating to another Frost title “The Death of the Hired Man,” would the poem change?
8 Does the allusion affect the poem’s plot? theme? tone?


Answer Preview…………….

The poem is about a boy who went to the forest to cut wood with a saw. As he continued cutting “stove-length sticks of wood” he could smell the sweet-scented stuff as the saw went through the wood/tree. Then, unfortunately, the saw cut through the boy’s hand. The boy went home supporting his hand with the saw as he sat. His sister told him that supper was ready…………………..

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