Reading analysis

After completing the assigned readings on how to read a play, play to film
> adaptation, and No Exit, compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response
> about your interpretation of the readings and the play. Here are some
> questions to consider: How did the readings and/or the play make you feel?
> What stood out to you about them? What was the main point of each? What
> were some memorable lines from the play or other readings? In No Exit, were
> there any significant events or themes that made you think about
> experiences you’ve had? Was reading a play more or less difficult than you
> imagined (if you’ve never read one before)? What can these selections tell
> us about the difficulties of the human experience? In your experience, what
> is the biggest difference between reading a play and seeing? What were your
> biggest challenges with reading No Exit, if any? Did you like it more or
> less than reading a short story? Bring a draft, copy, summary, or notes of
> your response to class, as it will be used during discussion. Additionally,
> everyone should have at least one question or comment about the story to
> contribute to discussion. analyze the material DO NOT summarize




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There is a lot that can be learnt by students upon completing the assigned reading. The readings that include how to read a play and play to film adaptation contain a lot of information that students can use to write their own films or play. After going through the assigned readings, I felt that I would comfortably take part in a play because the reading provided well-detailed tips on both the steps and the issues that an individual should put into consideration when …

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