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There are two parts, and please write them in two paragraphs. ***1. Write one full paragraph: Briefly look up the “New Left”. Briefly look up “American populism”. Do not define them in your response, but in your own words, explain/interpret the passage beginning with the big paragraph, and the continuing through the next paragraph (beginning “That is to say, every day,…” and ending with “helps determine the movement’s fate.) Use the following to help you form your response: – What does Gitlin mean by a “floodlit society?” – What is Gitlin’s overall tone in these paragraphs? Why do you think he takes that tone in this chapter? ***2. Write one full paragraph: compare Lippman’s concept of “political observatories,” and its accompanying assumption of the role of media in a democracy (from Schudson on Nov. 5), with the Gramsci’s concept of hegemony (as Gitlin makes use of it).mla





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By a floodlit society, Gitlin the modern society forms its guiding principles and rules by relying on the media and the information it disseminates. Just as the floodlight is diffuse and intense, the information emanating from news media reaches the entire society and affects the way people create their perspectives and judgements.  The mass media, on a daily basis, directly and indirectly, using pictures, words, news items, advertisements and entertainment programs produce definitions and fields of association that not only influences a society’ way of life, it also affects the society’s ideology formation process. Through the influence of the much concentrated media, the society acquires new ideologies that it uses to define the opposition. The mass media has, generally speaking, …

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