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Assigned Readings: -Intro to Literary Theory/Criticism -Background Information: Charlotte Perkins Gilman -Sections on Feminist, Marxist, and Post-Colonial Criticism (these can be found in both the OWL Purdue: Breakdown Reading and the Literary Theory/Criticism-Full Text reading) After completing the assigned readings for the upcoming class, compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response about your interpretation of the readings. Here are some questions to consider: Did you notice a substantial difference between the definitions and explanations of literary theory and criticism? What were they? How would you describe literary and/or literary criticism, in your own words? Do you think they’re important to the study of literature? Why or why not? What was your opinion of the different readings on: feminist theory/criticism, Marxist theory/criticism, and post-colonial theory/criticism? Which stood out to you the most? Why do you think that is? Did any other theories/criticisms catch your eye? What was your interpretation of the biographical information on Charlotte Perkins Gilman? Is it important to understanding her works? Why or why not? What did you find most interesting about her? Bring a draft, copy, summary, or notes of your response to class, as it will be used during discussion. Additionally, everyone should have at least one question or comment about the readings to contribute to discussion.





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The understanding of literary theory/ criticisms has been explained with the use of Marxist theory, post-colonial theory and the feminist theory.  The three theories provide a substantial difference in the definition and explanations of literary theories and criticism. In the post-colonial theory, the theory looks at literature works produced by the colonizers and those produced by the colonized and the differences there in each. The feminist theory seeks to explain how literature productions undermine the economic, social, political and psychological …

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