some reasons why Linux is installed on only a very small fraction of desktop computers

1) Describe some reasons why Linux is installed on only a very small fraction of desktop computers. Are there particular categories of products or users who might see Linux as more appealing than conventional operating systems? Do you think Linux’s share of the desktop market will increase? Why or why not?

2) What are some of the benefits of cloud computing? What are some of the drawbacks? Find an article about cloud computing online. Summarize and critique the article in your own words. Be sure to include the url of the article.

3) Describe the hardware and software requirements of your chosen information system. Be sure to consider both the server-side and client-side hardware and software. If you do not have access to specific details about the server-side hardware and software, make reasonable assumptions based on the kind of hardware and software that you believe would be necessary to run your system.

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Due the fact that we are living in a Windows world Linux is proportionally used. The whole of software applications just like QuickBooks, Peachtree and office are basically windows based. Research indicates a large demand to create windows application. The fact is that the overall installation procedure for Linux is not difficult but different. Additionally, Linux completely does not have the virus..
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