Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Prepare a Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations for a small business (new business). Due – March 21, 2014

Include the following in your recommendation:

  • Organizational goals
  • Forecasted demographic changes
  • An analysis of projected workforce needs – for the next 5 years based on organizational goals as well as demographic changes
  • Workforce diversity objectives
  • Organizational branding
  • Methods for recruiting Candidates
  • Methods for screening candidates
    • Interview methods
    • Testing procedures
    • Interview process considerations
  • Methods for selecting candidates

Required Elements:

  • Impact of organizational diversity on the organization
  • Laws to consider for recruitment and selection
  • No more than 2100 words
  • Not less than 1900 words

Quick Facts about the new Business:

ü  Name of business – Landslide Limousine

ü  Owner/Manager – Mr. Bradley Stonefield

ü  Line of business – Transportation service

ü  Annual net revenue for the first year is -$50,000

ü   That will change, because expected annual revenue growth is -5%

ü  Planning for 25 employees for the first year

ü   Annual turnover is about 10%

ü  Location – Austin Texas

ü  Hoping to provide first class-transportation service.




preview of the answer..

Landslide Limousine Inc. owned by Mr. Bradley Stonefield has decided to begin conducting its transportation services in Austin, Texas. There are many reasons why Mr. Bradley decided to open this business in this region. One of the reasons is that Austin has a relatively good economy. This implies that her citizens are in a position to afford classy and comfortable transport services it aims to provide to its client. The other reason is that the level of security in this area is very good. For instance, there are few cases of robbery in this area. For example …

2184  words APA

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