Reduce The Carbon Dioxide Emissions

I answered this questions to the instructor :

1.Do you plan to write a Feasibility Report or a Recommendation Report?
2.Briefly describe the problem in 1-2 sentences.
3.List the criteria you plan to use to evaluate the candidate solutions.
4.List the candidate solution(s).
5.List at least one source that provides the type of data you need to make your evaluation.
6.How does your problem directly relate to your major?

1-I plan to write a Recommendation Report.
2-The problem is in the increase of carbon dioxide level that affects the world in many different ways
3- Capital cost, operation and maintenance cost, and continuity.
4- The world has started using nuclear power because it has no carbon dioxide emissions
5- source :

6- As an electrical engineering student.The carbon dioxide usually came from electrical vehicles or electric energy stuff.




preview of the answer..


The purpose of this report is to recommend the best solutions to curb with the rising problem of carbon dioxide emission.


Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. The ozone layer acts as a duvet and traps the heat in the atmosphere. When a large amount of Carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere, the gas eats up the Ozone layer thus leading to global warming. This has then resulted to the issues of climatic changes where the average temperature of the Earth’s surface air increases …

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