What specific issue or problem was addressed in the student project with which you chose to compare your project


integration #2 Essay.Two parts. Typed, double-spaced.You will turn in a hard copy. Cursory answers will result in a low grade.

Part A.

Showcase Reflection (300 minimum). This part of the assignment should address the following questions.Please work on your own.

  • What specific issue or problem was addressed in the student project with which you chose to compare your project and what was the discipline in which the other project was housed? (e.g., English, Economics, Communication Studies)
  • Why did you choose this project? What did you learn about the issue or problem? For example, what facts, assumptions, questions, interpretations, analysis, information were presented in the project you chose?
  • What differences did you notice between the way your group project approached this common topic/problem and the way students in the other project approached it? For example, did the disciplines make different assumptions about the issue/problem? Did the disciplines study the problem/issue in different ways, or use different techniques? Did the two disciplines offer different explanations/answers to the same questions, or were they asking different questions? Explain.
  • In what way did your thinking about the way in which the different disciplines approached about the same issue/problem encourage you to think about this issue differently?
  • Are there any challenges to thinking about this issue/problem from both disciplinary perspectives?
  • What are the benefits of thinking about this problem/topic from different disciplinary perspectives, simultaneously?

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The main issue that this project highlights is LGBTQ and how they deal with their problems and AIDs. The project analyses the play, “Angels in America” that focuses on how homosexuals deal with their status and AIDS. These students housed their project from the English discipline because they primarily offer the themes in the play and summary.I chose this project because it talks about a different issue surrounding homosexuals from an English discipline. The project offers assumptions surrounding the LGBTQ community. I learned that people associate homosexuals with HIV and Aids, and during the 80s, when AIDs first began; it was a disease of the homosexuals.

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