Read “To an Athlete Dying Young” by A.E. Housman and reflect on ONE of the major ideas/themes that the poem addresses that specifically speak to the world of sports. Remember that a theme is NOT a topic, but is rather an idea about a topic. For instance, there is the TOPIC of youth in relation to sports, but a theme about that topic would be an idea about it. One such idea could be “The athletic fame of youth soon disappears.” There is also the topic of sports records, but a theme or idea about that topic would be “No matter how good an athlete might be, there will be others who will be better.”

As you think about Housman’s poem, pay careful attention to the title and the emphasis on “dying young.” As much as this was written over 100 years ago, what is a theme/idea about sports that it still addresses? Do you agree with this theme/idea? Why or why not? Write a 2-3 paragraph reflection. For all of these reflections this year, we want to write thoughtfully and correctly, editing our work before submitting.

Please be sure to carefully read the reflection rubric found in the Syllabus and Course Info folder prior to submitting this reflection. That rubric is also attached, and it is the reflection rubric that will be used for the entire term. .

300 words

Answer Preview…………….

To an Athlete Dying Young is a poem about an athlete who dies young and the speaker compares the athlete’s homecoming in his heydays with his return home in a casket. One of the dominant themes in this poem is the theme of the seemingly quick disappearance of the athletic fame and the replacement of the same by other heroes. The two guiding words in the title of the poem are ‘dying,’ and ‘young’ and the combination brings out the theme effectively. Essentially,………………….

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