Reflection #6: Metaphor scavenger hunt!

Reflection on Metaphor


Reflection #6: Metaphor scavenger hunt! Scour our campus for metaphors—in the cafeteria, on bulletin boards, in text books, out of people’s mouths, in posters, anywhere! Make a list of ten of your favorites and write about what the metaphor is attempting to convey to its audience—and its success in achieving its aims.


Answer Preview………..

Metaphors are used everywhere, and everyone has used them in different ways. Some metaphors are very common, while others are hard to define (Black, 2019). There are times we find a metaphor used in books, signboards, public places, or even a person mentions it, and we think it doesn’t make sense, but think about it in a more profound way it brings out a lot of sense. This paper seeks to explain different types of metaphors and their meanings……

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