reflection paper

reflection paper

in This Paper you state your basic thoughts and considerations about the week’s assignments. The Reflection

Paper may express agreement, perplexity, or respectful disagreement with the

readings from your text and the audio interview.

there are two readings the first one is in the pdf file attached

the second one is on this link

the audio interview is on this link


this is the writing prompts that should help you throw the assignment


Your Assignments for Week n 2 are as follows: (1) Reading Assignment: the first essay entitled The End of Animal Husbandry by Professor Bernard Rollin from Part One of your large sized textbook, CAFO: The tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories ; and the pdf newspaper article reflecting a recent dispute in a nearby mid-Missouri county; followed by (2) Listening Assignment: an mp3 interview with Fred Williams, a mid-Missouri farmer; and (3) your regular Writing Assignment: Reflection Paper and Discussion Board Postings. Note: Please address the readings & the listening assignment in depth. Students should respond to all 3 of the following Writing Prompts. (1) Please comment on the Professor Rollin’s essay and the transformation of the traditional family farm and rural lifestyle. Explain the difference between husbandry agriculture and industrial agriculture. (2) What is this 2018 dispute in Cooper County, Missouri about? Please explain the position of Mr. Fred Williams? (3) This public and legal disagreement between small family farms and large corporate factory farms is happening just a few miles from here in Columbia, Missouri. With this in mind, how does this concern we urban dwellers and what is the role of the public in this dispute?




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Answer Preview…………….

The transformation of traditional animal farming to factory farming I believe it serves both an ideal purpose and at the same time does not consider the livelihood of the animals. The Professor Rollin easy gives the desired feedback on what is being conducted in our society towards ensuring that the animals are of maximum benefit to the individuals rearing the animals. I agree with the Professor comment that the need for ensuring food security led to the need for………………….

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